Friday, September 30, 2011

Potent Notables

- Oh no.  Doesn't Hollywood know that he's not funny AND long past relevant. 

- I love when people are creative and thrifty at the same time. Plus HOBBITS!

- Not that there needed to be a Red Dawn remake but it’s been shelved for a loooooong time.  Now I want them to release The Cabin in the Woods.  Do it!

- Sometimes I'm not convinced there are enough awesome people in the world then I read stuff like this

- This could be great.  In fact it was Mortal Kombat, the original movie, that convinced me of my life's mission to prove there is good stuff about any movie.

- I shall miss ALT but Kelly Cutrone redefiines words like bitchy and snarky.  Plus I'd love to see her roll her eyes at Tyra's BS.

- How long 'til the Avengers comes out?

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