Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Girl - The Morning After

Zooey Deschanel is adorable. She is quirky, self-effacing, and downright funny.  That said I can understand how she might annoy some people. Her particular brand of quirky (which gets dangerously close to hipster) could rub people the wrong way.  Not me.  I'm so glad she decided to do TV.

In Fox's new sitcom, New Girl, "Jess" is post-breakup and moving in with three guys she found on Craig's list.  The three guys each have a personality and story but it's unclear how much we'll spend with these guys. One wears a tie to work and is berated by his female co-workers, one just got dumped and isn't handling it terribly well and the third is a coach or trainer or both.  Speaking of "Coach," I hope you didn't get attached to Damon Wayans Jr. because I think he's gone as of next week and will be replaced by another guy.  Damon's existing show, Happy Endings, got a second season pick up though it sounds like he didn't think it would.  Oh and she has a model friend, er, a friend who is a model.  Not sure what purpose she'll serve.  However, we all know these guys exist purely to set up Jess' odd but endearing behaviors:  If you didn't see the show, this promo gives you a good idea of her sheer quirkiness.

I'm definitely going to watch every episode of this show.  It's my kind of humor, I think she's great and there's even one part of it that reminds me of my dad (he makes up songs about things he does too). 

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