Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Glee - Didja watch?

If you had you would have seen:

Blaine do an awesome Tom Jones

Quinn rockin' pink hair and rollin' with "The Skanks." (Hi Courtney from SYTYCD!!!) I so want to hang out with The Skanks. To wit: "Your friend stinks of soap, Quinn."  HA!

A fun rendition (could there be a sad one?) of the Go-Go's song, "We Got The Beat"


I'm not sure about new girl, Sugar Motta.  I adore Vanessa Lengies from Stick It! but this whole 'I can say what I want because I have "self-diagnosed Asperger's"' is gonna get old.

Will bitching about Sue threatening to cut the Arts program because this is his living she's messing with?  Uh, isn't he the Spanish teacher?  Isn't being coach of the Glee Club an unpaid position or at least not part of his full salary? Do the writers even watch this show?

HADDON!!! Did you see it???

1 comment:

  1. I think the writers have self-diagnosed Asperger's sometimes! They just throw stuff out there, and see what sticks! I did like the Hairspray finale, but more Artie!