Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Charmed eps 1.5-1.8: Riley Syndrome

When discussing season 1, episodes 5-8, with my favorite Charmed expert, I admitted that I would totally use my Charmed One powers to get guys, much like Piper and Phoebe do in "Dream Sorcerer." She reminded me that you can't use spells for personal gain. Well, considering my relationship track record, I think we can all agree that not much has been "gained" "personally." So I conclude I'd be safe summoning Joseph Gordon-Levitt! On to the recap of disc 2!

Episodes Watched:
"Dream Sorcerer"
"The Wedding from Hell"
"The Fourth Sister"
"The Truth Is Out There and It Hurts"

Into It:
This guy:

I'll even overlook the odd, ill-fitting jacket that he WILL NOT TAKE OFF.
We get a fun and portentous kiss between Piper and Leo while a Prue-casted truth spell gives her the confidence to make the first move. I wasn't sure about Brian Krause, but it turns out he's one of those people who look much better moving around than they do in photographs.

Over It: 
This guy:

I'm Inspector Andy Trudeau. My whiny neediness is matched only by my impotence in a crisis.

Prue deserves better. For you Buffy fans, Andy's got Riley Syndrome: wants a strong woman, but also wants her to need him ALL THE TIME. Verdict = not hot. Hell, I would even prefer Prue to have a fling with the looks-to-be-evil Svengali Rex from the auction house. Speaking of . . .

Waiting for It:
I like the intimation of a season 1 big bad with Hannah's witchery being exposed through the aforementioned truth spell, and Rex's connection with the Hecate in "Wedding." Looking forward to seeing where this plot leads.

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