Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Morning After with Tracy and Alisa: Ringer 1.1

Ringer. Not The Ringer, nor Rounders, nor Dead Ringers

Now that the Fall TV season has officially kicked off (well, at least on the CW), Alisa and I shall be co-posting little recaps/reviews of the shows we're most excited about. I can only assume there will be spoilers. First up: Buffy! Um, I mean, Ringer.

So far, so meh for me. I'm willing to stick with the show, but I wish the pilot had had a bit more fireworks (the first episode of Lost has absolutely ruined me), and a bit less rushed set-up. For example, I would have liked to have known more about the sisters' relationships before the big switch-er-oo, both with each other and their significant others (and respective stalkers), rather than getting Bridget rushed across the country asap.

I liked the clothes and the supporting cast--seems the pieces are in place, but maybe just some more thought to pacing? And I'm not yet getting a noir-y feel from either the plots or the setting. Maybe that's to come. And I was surprised at the ending: I could have sworn that B shot Henry in the abandoned loft. An added bonus? I now know how to pronounce "Siobhan."

Oh, and they can dial it back on the mirrors. We get it. They're twins.

Alisa here! Wow, my review, if I wrote it out as I did last night, would pretty much mirror (see what I did there?) what Tracy said above.  Or if it mirrored it then it'd have to be written backwards, right? Too much for my brain.  Anywhoodle, so as not to be redundant I will edit my review.

First off, when do I stop calling her Buffy?  'Cause it won't be anytime soon.  Also, naming a character "Siobhan" is not fair to us bloggers.  That is not an easy name to type out.

So Bridget's sponsor is hot.  Bridget's FBI dude is hot.  Siobhan's  hubby and boyfriend are hot too.  Apparently SMG and I have similar taste in men.  I have to think that she had a hand in casting now that she's an Executive Producer. I'm glad they don't gender specify titles like that.  Executive Producette?  Executrix Producer?

It's imossible for me to not mention Buffy! So for those in the know, I could not get Buffy and Robot Buffy out of my head.  Also, SMG told us at Comic Con that the dude playing Siobhan's boyfriend was in the running to play Riley.  In fact it was between him and the guy they hired.

Fine, I'll talk about Ringer. There were some cool little touches like when they introduced us to the location of Rock Spring, WY.  We're looking at a majestic mountain only to have the camera pan to the right to reveal it's a poster on a campus of some sort.  Wait, why are the sponsor and FBI dude on a campus? They really are trusting that the audience is going to pick up on people's background stories super fast.

As Tracy said, the pacing was too quick but there was a bit of intrigue and soapy goodness.  That with the fancy clothes and swanky locations will encourage me to stick it out.  Plus there's not much I watch on Tuesdays anyway. 

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