Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Morning After - Hart of Dixie

CW's Hart of Dixie is a show about a doctor in NYC who lacks bedside manner and ends up in a small town in Alabama in order to learn patient's names or something.  Rachel Bilson, who will always be Summer Roberts to me, plays Zoe Hart, the relocated doctor trying to adjust to the deep, deep South and all its stereotypes.

Is this show original?  No.  Am I still going to watch it?  Yes.  Is it because of Bilson and Scott Porter, the beloved Jason Street of FNL?  Probably, yeah. Am I going to get SUPER tired of the ex-NFL star who is now the mayor referring to himself in the third person?  HECK YEAH!

I enjoyed the show.  It's pretty standard and formulaic with no surprises but Bilson is charming and proves she's strong enough to carry a show.  Also present in the cast are Jaime KingTim Matheson (OTTER!) and Nancy Travis. Travis will be on for one more episode and will then be replaced so she can show up on Tim Allen's new show, Last Man Standing.  Nancy, I think you picked the wrong Tim. However, knowing a bit about most of America's viewing habits, I'm sure his show will have better numbers and therefore will have a better chance at season 2.  CW isn't very forgiving.  This show and Ringer are their two experiments at a bit of an older (and by older I mean mid-20s) audience and the experiment isn't going so well.

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