Monday, September 26, 2011

Today in Pop Culture History: In the End . . .

26 September 1957: A gritty reboot before gritty reboots had a name, West Side Story opened on Broadway. Forty-five years later, Charlie Young would declare "I'm not Officer Krupke" on The West Wing.

26 September 1990: In a predictably boneheaded move, the Motion Picture Association of America debuted the "NC-17" rating, supposedly to remove the stigma of the "X." And what happened? Yep, NC-17 became the new X, dooming any film that includes sex scenes that makes the MPAA blanch. For a sustained and brilliant exposure of how ridiculous the rating system is in this country, see the 2006 doc This Film Is Not Yet Rated.

Somewhere In Between
26 September 1969: The Beatles release their last recorded album, Abbey Road, in the UK.

Iconic much?

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