Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Charmed could learn from The Covenant

The season 1 recap continues!

Episodes Watched
"From Fear to Eternity"
"Secrets and Guys"
"Is There a Woogy in the House?"
"Which Prue Is It Anyway?"

Into It
I like how the Book of Shadows (the sisters' grimoire) isn't a static text, but grows and changes depending on how it's needed and how it's used.  In "From Fear to Eternity," the book produces a growing spell in the girls' mother's handwriting for Prue to consult as she battles a fear demon and learns to say "I love you." Aww.  And Pheobe adds a spell in "Woogy" once she remembers her grandmother's rhyme for defeating the shadow monster who lives in the basement. It reminds me of the books in the Harry Potter universe--Tom Riddle's diary, The Half Prince's potions textbook and Beedle the Bard's fairy tales all, to different extents, "talk back" to their readers. I'm working on a paper about the ethics of reading that such books imply, and I'll have to add this to my list.

Over It
There should be more dude witches on this show. There's a pre-teen boy witch in "Secrets and Guys," but that just made it more obvious that mostly, only bad "warlocks" are male. Take a hint from modern classic The Covenant, guy witches have potential.
Especially when they're on the goddamn swim team.

Waiting for It
In "Secrets and Guys," we finally get some more Leo, but alas, he only shows up to tell us (well, Piper), that he can't stick around. As it turns out, he's a "whitelighter" (which sounds like a sort of fairy godmother for witches, except sexy, and really into windbreakers), and they're not allowed to fall for the witches they're protecting, except he has. Now, as a fervent Buffy/Angel 'shipper, I'm all for a little star-crossed loverness, but I need some more why in my why-God-why doomed relationship. Why can't whitelighters get in relationships with witches? What's at stake? What's the punishment for transgressing? It's pretty self-explanatory why Slayers and vampires shouldn't fall in love, but I'm looking forward to some more mythology.

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