Friday, September 16, 2011

Potent notables

Just some news of note from this past week:

- Ugh.  I am not a fan of 3D.  There are a few instances where I think it works but mostly it’s just a way for them (studios, movie theaters, etc.) to charge us more money.  Re-releasing something in 3D is a bad, bad idea.  Don’t do it.  Plus, I have a (possibly unpopular) opinion about Top Gun that I’ll have to share sometime.

- Speaking of 3D…I thought the Les Mis stuff couldn’t get weirder.  As Seth and Amy would say,

- My friend Matt alerted me to the existence of this. He had some very funny horsey comments about casting the actress to play young Carrie (or just go with an actual horse).

- Sites Who and What to merge?  I’m so old

- Good news for those who wanted to see the musical but couldn’t

- At least there’s JJ Abrams/Star Trek 2 news to keep me warm at night

- Geeze.  I didn’t think the casting decisions for Cloud Atlas (a book both Tracy and I loved) could get any worse.  It did. 

- I'm actually pretty bummed about Chloe King getting cancelled.  It was one of my summer guilty pleasures.  I guess I need to read the books now so I know which guy she ends up with.

- Why is he still talking about a woman he divorced six years ago?

- Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!? Have people actually watched the movie?

I think I need to stop because I'm getting a little upset now.

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